The Kingdom within


Collection of free verse poetry inspired by biblical themes.
The poetic approach is a progression from the cry to the word to the image applied in fifteen poster-poems, fourteen songs and twenty-six personalized haikus.
The cry is a suffering of humanity, the word a quest for truth, and the image an evocation of serenity.
All the texts denounce the social world that hurts and lead to the spiritual world that soothes.

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Poetry does not explain things, it evokes them. It is word, rhythm and image beyond time:

“Children growing up with their mother’s wound

Fill their lives with a bitter moan”


Poetry is a sketch of the feeling of reality.

It is in few words a finished canvas:

“A cry heard in the night, a wound on the pillow

Where a couple slept, sobs a solitude”

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A propos de l'auteur(e) : Paul Beaudoin

Diplômé en littérature (BACC, MA, cours de doctorat), l’auteur est retraité d’une carrière en enseignement collégial en langue et littérature française, mais il enseigne toujours la Bible depuis plus de trente-quatre ans.
Il a publié deux autres études bibliques aux éditions Sydney Laurent :
12 lettres évangéliques à un ami en 2020,
7 nouvelles lettres évangéliques à un ami en 2021,
Et un recueil de poésie inspiré de thèmes bibliques :
Le Royaume en dedans en 2021.

The author is retired from a career in college teaching French language and literature, but he has been teaching the Bible for over thirty-three years.
He has also written:
“12 evangelical letters to a friend” published in 2020, Sydney Laurent, 202 pages.
“7 new evangelical letters to a friend”, to be published in May 2021.