The Importance of Having a Rose-New Year’s Eve, a rose, two worlds, and the soul in between.

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Life is defined by all of those things made of nothing at all, a dream that fades away as another one takes place. The happy moments that can never be recalled and the sad ones that may somehow come back. The tears we cry, the tears we hold, the fears that hold us back, the hugs we give and the ghosts we share. But the Rose inside of me is in constant conflicts with my ghosts and my life; always inviting me to live in another world…

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The memories are coming back now, destroying every part of me like an avalanche.

His death wasn’t just a part of my past, because I wake up every morning searching for the warmth of his hands.

I start crying.

My reaction destroys me more than anything else.

He dies every morning as I figure out his absence.

He dies every night as I start searching for him in the memories that we had.

His death isn’t part of the past.

Those who left us still die everyday.

We miss them more as we live.



At first my ghosts weren’t sure if there was a cure for the way that I am. I cry a lot and the way that I’m feeling becomes monstrous. They were unsure if the universe was ever going to heal me, so they decided to hunt me more.

So now my ghosts are always inside of me, and they always talk to me. I always hear them, even when they are forced to whisper to my ears.

There’s a force hidden beneath who we are, a certain kind of power that never stops leading us. There’s this ghost that never goes away, and this other ghost that had once took an oath to stay.

I wish they would go away, but I can’t live without them inside of me. They accompany my solitude and they ease my pain. They understand my anxiety and always believe what I say.

How wicked could this universe be for giving me ghosts that I love more than its people.

I can’t even think on my own now, because their voices always hear me. I was so abandoned that I felt relieved when they came.

But now all I ever know is that I miss the freedom that my solitude helped me gain.





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A propos de l'auteur(e) : Amina Shalash

Amina Shalash is an Egyptian author. Driven by a passion for literature and writing, she started writing at the age of 13. The Importance of Having a Rose is her first published novel. She is currently studying Modern Literature and Philosophy in Paris and wishes to pursue her career as a novelist and scriptwriter.