The Christian Assembly- Evangelical letter


Evangelical letter – Followed by a few literary creations by Paul Beaudoin and Claudette Cyr

This time, the work contains a single letter, a single subject that shows the seriousness of the disease of the Church in the assemblies.
The cancer is so widespread that, in spite of the denunciation, the apostasy will continue until death, except for a very small number of humans, as at the flood when only eight were saved.
These humans are preserved because they were able to correct their situation based on the biblical teachings and the many explicit examples contained in the letter which answers the many questions asked about what the Christian assemblies should be.
A supplement of some creative writing by the author and his wife adds to the prophetic approach of the letter a pedagogical dimension directly applied to the themes exploited.

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No one has ever gone to heaven because he was Catholic or Protestant, the example of the crucified repentant proves it, but he goes there because he has a personal relationship with Christ and his disciples.

Only the Bible properly understood is able to teach this practice.

Therefore, to play Church or the style of religious practice different from that of other Christians is only a stupid theatrical comedy that leads to a masquerade of fanatical and sectarian self-satisfaction.


Show me the model of Jesus through you! But you can’t because you reproduce the model of the successful and prosperous pastors. You shout on your platform, you gesticulate, rant like fans in the stands at a baseball, hockey, football, rugby or soccer game, but you’re unable to manifest the affection and loving serenity of Christ because you just show the model of ministries obese with their personal glory rather than that of Jesus resurrected in the light of the infinite mercy of the Father.


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A propos de l'auteur(e) : Paul Beaudoin

Diplômé en littérature (BACC, MA, cours de doctorat), l’auteur est retraité d’une carrière en enseignement collégial en langue et littérature française, mais il enseigne toujours la Bible depuis plus de trente-quatre ans.
Il a publié deux autres études bibliques aux éditions Sydney Laurent :
12 lettres évangéliques à un ami en 2020,
7 nouvelles lettres évangéliques à un ami en 2021,
Et un recueil de poésie inspiré de thèmes bibliques :
Le Royaume en dedans en 2021.

The author is retired from a career in college teaching French language and literature, but he has been teaching the Bible for over thirty-three years.
He has also written:
“12 evangelical letters to a friend” published in 2020, Sydney Laurent, 202 pages.
“7 new evangelical letters to a friend”, to be published in May 2021.