Running in the Dark

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Everything starts when the General de Gaulle is kidnaped during the 1968’s events. After that, the humanity will live in the darkness for years.

The Markovic case disturbed the Pompidou period; the assassination of former Chah and Direct Action’s leaders marked an Iranian revolution; the flights of 9/11 in New York; the treason of Saddam Hussein by a rejected admirer; the elimination of terrorists by unknown volunteers; the murder attempts on Russian and American presidents; the risk of a cataclysm from an attack of a US Navy nuclear aircraft carrier…

All those tragic and deadly events, passed through the author’s fictional filter, are an opportunity to thousands twists that question and take us around the world.

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The Italians were confronted with the Red Brigades; the Germans endured attacks from the Red Army Faction. Somewhat belatedly, a group calling themselves “Direct Action” were awkwardly sharpening their first daggers on French soil. For their sterile and criminal act, they chose the easiest that required little courage. Like Don Quixote, they hunted down individuals that, though defenseless, symbolized a society that fed them. Without assistance from that society, they ended their days starved to death in the gutter or in the savage jungle. Their organization was comparable to that of the Pieds Nickelés. It was long wondered how it took the police so long to neutralize such thugs – a true mystery, not to mention inadvertent collusion. As means of thanking France for having welcomed Spanish Republicans, this small group was backed by a revolutionary anti-Franco group. Their evil deeds were enacted long after Caudillo’s death, thus proving that blind hatred can only be founded in foolish ignorance. Exactly one month after Christmas, in the residential neighborhood of La Celle-St-Cloud, the weapons engineer responsible for the sale of arms in Iraq was shamefully assassinat

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A propos de l'auteur(e) : Jean-Claude Ceccarelli

Né à Nice en 1940, Jean-Claude Ceccarelli, passe une enfance et une adolescence heureuses, malgré les bombardements. A 21 ans, il découvre Paris et décide d’y faire sa vie, de ne plus quitter cette ville qui l’envoûte et le fascine.

 Paris accueille alors le petit « rital » à bras semi-ouverts. Il décide d’y faire sa vie et de ne plus quitter cette ville, qui l’envoûte et le fascine.

Jean-Claude Ceccarelli was born in Nice in 1940. He had a happy childhood and teenage years. He discovered Paris at 21 and decided to settle there and never leave this city that captivates and fascinates him. He is giving us a reborn story whose the ten first pages remained dormant in a closet during 35 years.