JUDO WORLD TOUR The globe-trotting judoka By Morgan Girardeau, WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE IJF – Preface from Ronaldo Veitia Valdivie

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A crazy plan to some, an ambitious project to others, reckless or brave!!! An idea that first went through my mind in 1996, on the day that I got my black belt: the desire to travel and explore the world, club by club, dojo by dojo, practising judo as I went! Reaching out to others, learning about their culture, their environment, sharing with them this same passion for the effort and the values and principles devised by the founder of this martial art and educational system! This dream of every judoka, this extraordinary personal adventure, from 14 September 2015 to 12 July 2017, I did it! In all humility, I swapped my status as a teacher for that of a student! I went and I managed to take part in training in 41 countries, a symbolic number representing my age when I finished my intense, eventful, moving and challenging journey!

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When I set out, I wasn’t in the most positive frame of mind.

I had never been a very great judoka recognised for competition results. I dreaded what I was heading towards. My mother was crying in the kitchen and my father clumsily hid his emotion behind his camera for an ultimate goodbye snapshot.

And me, I was there, masking my anxiety with an unwavering desire to launch into my adventure. I tried to do it. I started. I took my first steps, the first few feet of an uncertain journey, but one that I was convinced would change my life.

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A propos de l'auteur : Morgan Girardeau

Entrepreneur et professeur de judo, ceinture noire 5ème dan, Morgan GIRARDEAU est né et réside à Vannes en Bretagne depuis plus de quarante ans. Papa de deux garçons, il aime vivre dans l’action, le défi. De préventionniste en entreprise à agent commercial, découvrir, s’adapter et s’enrichir de nouvelles connaissances, compétences est son quotidien. Dans son apprentissage du judo, il agit avec cette même attitude. Passionné, engagé, il essaie, tente, s’aventure aussi sur de nouvelles voies au risque d’échouer parfois. Echouer pour mieux se relever. Encore et toujours.

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Businessman and judo teacher, 5th dan black belt, Morgan GIRARDEAU was born in Vannes in Brittany and lived there for more than forty years! A dad with two sons, he loves being active, loves challenges! From a preventionist to a sales agent, his daily life is full of discovering, adapting to and developing new knowledge and skills! He brought this same attitude to his learning of judo! Passionate, committed, he tries, endeavours and ventures out onto new paths, sometimes with the risk of failing! Failing, in order to bounce back better! Again and again!