Escape from Japan – Ghost of Japan

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On the anniversary of Berezina, one of the world’s most powerful men is stopped for questioning on his private jet at the Tokyo airport. In a most unexpected and suicidal manner, the Japanese arrest the man and throw him into prison. Just as unexpectedly, the latter, a disciple of Rocambole, escapes with a Vaseline-flavored smoothness that his jailers find hard to digest. As furious as lice on a bald man, they set out to avenge their honor. Though an unfortunate decision, their determination is boundless. Bound hand and foot, a team of Europeans well-versed in kidnappings of all kinds manages to capture the fugitive. But for reasons unknown, the man behind the kidnapping will commit the brave and fatal act of Hari-kari in order to save his honor, along with that of his family and country.


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Such proceedings would later deter many a manufacturer from coming to invest in a such a strict country. Though the citizens of the Empire were accustomed to this violence, it was only after the end of the war that foreigners and the entire world began to discover the Japanese methods, seemingly from another era. Still, these heavy-handed methods seemed to protect the Empire from delinquency, terrorism, and illegal immigration. However, the businessman met none of these criteria.

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A propos de l'auteur(e) : Jean-Claude Ceccarelli

Né à Nice en 1940, Jean-Claude Ceccarelli, passe une enfance et une adolescence heureuses, malgré les bombardements. A 21 ans, il découvre Paris et décide d’y faire sa vie, de ne plus quitter cette ville qui l’envoûte et le fascine.

 Paris accueille alors le petit « rital » à bras semi-ouverts. Il décide d’y faire sa vie et de ne plus quitter cette ville, qui l’envoûte et le fascine.

Jean-Claude Ceccarelli was born in Nice in 1940. He had a happy childhood and teenage years. He discovered Paris at 21 and decided to settle there and never leave this city that captivates and fascinates him. He is giving us a reborn story whose the ten first pages remained dormant in a closet during 35 years.